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Please refer to my Energy Healing page for more information on The Emotion Code, The Body Code and the Subconscious Mind.  As with conventional medicine or any other wellness approaches, there are no guarantees.  Issues sometimes resolve or greatly improve after just a few appointments.  In other cases a series of sessions may be required to bring sustained progress.  Please note that if the issue is a chronic one that has developed over years it is only reasonable to expect that some work/time will be required to correct the many imbalances and for your body to heal.  I work with the Spirit World and my intuition to bring you solutions but will also let you know if I feel you are best served by another option than what I offer.  Please note that all energy techniques are meant to work in conjunction with and not replace, professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment.

Emotional and physical wellness sessions can be conducted in person (Burlington, Ontario), using Skype, phone or other means.

Subconscious Mind Connection for Wellness – $120     Buy Now Button

I sit alone in the silence to connect spirit to spirit (clairaudiently) with your subconscious mind, (rather than via hypnosis) to inquire about your health issue.  The answers I hear in response are then provided to you in a written report.  As a part of the work I ask the subconscious mind if the health concern may, at this time, be corrected.  If so, the subconscious will begin the process of restoring well-being to the best of its ability.  This only need be done once for a particular issue.  It is important to understand that many problems arise over years and thus improvement often occurs gradually over weeks or months as the body naturally restores itself.  It is common in the first days following the work, that you may experience side effects such as nasal symptoms, stomach tenderness, sweating etc. as a form of purging as your body begins to mend.

 Emotion Code Session – $75 (1 hr) Buy Now Button

TEC-Cert-Badge-SMMost individuals will have a number of trapped emotions, some of which may be inherited or absorbed from others.  I use the method of Dr. Bradley Nelson to begin clearing the emotions (and ultimately any heart-wall, if present).   The number of required sessions is variable depending on the number of emotions you have trapped.  Following the session I will provide a written report of what emotions were discovered and cleared, and any related information that may have come forward.

Body Code Session (1 hr)

This modality is one I have found to be highly effective to improve wellness.  Physical and emotional troubles may have their origin in the negative emotions and thoughts that we experience as a part of living life – many times these energies remain with us, accumulating over time and eventually resulting in discomfort.  With the Body Code these energies and other types of imbalances are detected through muscle testing and released, allowing the body to re-balance itself.

BC-Cert-Badge-SMSome of the issues I have seen The Body Code improve include: anxiousness, sadness, back, hip, knee and stomach problems, body aches and headaches. Typically a few sessions are required to remove the accumulated imbalances, and individuals with deeper or more complex issues usually require a longer series of sessions.  You will be emailed a report of what was found and cleared during the session.

Animals and The Body Code/Emotion Code

Bradley Nelson states that 90% of the time the physical or emotional/behavioural issues animals experience may be caused by trapped emotions.  Animals not only experience emotions themselves but also absorb energies from their owners during times of high stress.  Animals tend to have fewer trapped energies than humans and thus can typically be worked on in a single, shorter session.

Single Body Code Session – $120    Buy Now Button

In the first appointment I will explain how the Body Code works, review the most common imbalances, answer questions, and correct imbalances behind your issue. Thus, for an initial session please allow approximately 1.5 hr, or 1 hr for a follow-up single session.

Package of 3 Body Code Sessions – $299     Buy Now Button

Since most issues require some work this package provides a chance to focus a few sessions on your challenge while providing cost savings.

Package of 5 Body Code Sessions – $469     Buy Now ButtonBEST VALUE

This package provides the biggest savings, allowing five sessions to target one or different issues you would like to address.

Animal Body/Emotion Code Session – $49      Buy Now Button

Soul Contract Issues – $39 (1/2 hour) Buy Now Button

If I identify specific soul contracts that are holding you back, I ask Spirit to remove the soul contract of your choosing.  A single session is all that is required to break a particular soul contract (most of us have several such soul contracts in place).   You may wish to break additional soul contracts but it is recommended to wait a few weeks before clearing the next one.  This allows you to energetically adjust, as well as to begin to notice the changes in your thinking and behaviour before moving on to address another soul contract.


Some of you will have been on a spiritual path for a while and will recognize the messages of love and support offered by our Guides.  For those who may not be familiar with such messages please note that:

  • Your Guides’ concern is assisting you with your spiritual development.
  • They will offer encouragement and little nudges in the right direction.
  • What they won’t often provide is specific instructions on your life; they want you to discover your truths and passions rather than being told and will not live your life for you.
  • What you want to hear and what you need to hear may be two different things.  Guides tell it like it is but with kindness and love.
  • In any reading your higher self will confirm to you if the message is truth.  You should weigh the information against your own intuition and gut feelings.

I will connect with Your Guides to provide their direction on:

  • specific questions you have, or
  • a particular area of your life that you identify (career, family life, life path, relationships, etc.).

Readings will be emailed to you.

3-4 questions: $70    Buy Now Button

1-2 questions: $35    Buy Now Button


In these sessions I work with you and Your Guides on your goals, such as:

  • Teaching you more about the Spirit World
  • Helping you understand and develop your intuition and communication with your Spirit Guides
  • Easing your grief from a significant loss (loved one or otherwise), if you are willing to look for the greater meaning behind it and build on this
  • Illuminating the next steps in your spiritual journey, whatever your stage of unfoldment

Consultations are available in person (Burlington, Ontario) or by phone or Skype.

Consultation – 45 minutes ($100) Buy Now Button

Consultation – 30 minutes ($60) Buy Now Button

Consultation Package – 5 x 45 minute sessions ($450) Buy Now Button

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