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Hello Beautiful Soul!

Are you seeking to improve a physical, emotional or behavioural challenge, and are you willing to shift any related thoughts and beliefs?  Or are you looking to develop your own intuition and Spirit Guide connection, perhaps towards discovering who you are as a soul and your spiritual purpose?  In either case I would love to work with you to help direct and empower you.

I have learned that disease and other physical or mental/emotional issues are never random, and that once you have understood and addressed the underlying cause, many problems can be improved or even eliminated.  From my experience, health issues primarily arise from:

  • _DSC4804close upNegative thoughts, emotions and beliefs.  Your body is always talking to you, and the little symptoms you are ignoring are energies being held within your body, which may lead to disease over time.
  • Past life experiences, that can affect your current life until you find and release them.
  • Psychic attacks.  Yes, it’s a real ‘thing’ but do not fear, they can be dealt with.
  • Soul plans.  Significant life conditions like multiple sclerosis or autism for example, are typically choices we make before incarnating, in order to have a specific experience and achieve certain spiritual goals.  For this reason they may not be able to be healed.

I can speak to these reasons because I have resolved examples of the first three in my own life, and have understood soul plans through doing Spirit Guide readings for clients.

Alternately, if you are here because you are exploring spirituality I salute you for taking the most important step of your life, and understanding that there is more to this reality than we have been led to believe.  Welcome to a new world of discovery and excitement, empowerment, purpose and meaning!  May you always seek truth and remain open to wherever that leads you.  It would be my utmost privilege to assist you on your path.

In Love and Light,

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Bethel Griffin
Bethel Griffin