Disease is, in a large number of cases, primarily due to the wrongful alignment of mind, body and spirit.

– Silver Birch

I work with Spirit to assist clients with various common emotional and physical challenges that limit them in their lives and ability to achieve their full potential.

Trapped Emotions (The Emotion Code)

Who among us has not lived through distressing events that have affected us deeply?  Being human means experiencing and working through difficult emotions, as a result of all sorts of life circumstances.  Most of the time, we experience the emotion – sorrow, anxiousness, frustration or whatever it may be – then forget about it, believing it has left us.  But in reality the energy of emotion-1465151_640that emotion can become trapped within our body.  For example, it is common to trap an emotion, such as heartache, related to the passing of someone close to you.  With that energy still held within your body, the next time that emotion comes up, you may feel it more intensely than you otherwise would.  Consider two tuning forks of the same pitch.  If the first tuning fork is struck to cause it to vibrate, even though the second fork has not been struck it will begin to vibrate at the same frequency.  This is analogous to what happens when a person has trapped emotions.  Where the emotions become trapped may be symbolic or it may be in a weak point in your body.  You may also experience the trapped emotions as a physical discomfort that improves or resolves once the emotions are released.  All of us end up with trapped emotions and many of us have built a wall around our hearts as a sort of defense mechanism.  This heart-wall can prevent us from engaging fully with life and with others.

You can easily discover for yourself and clear any trapped emotions or heart-wall you may have.  Dr. Bradley Nelson, in his book The Emotion Code, explains how to do this.

The Body Code

The Body Code, also from Dr. Bradley Nelson, is a far more extensive program for improving both physical and emotional issues.  Imbalances in the body relating not just to energies (trapped emotions and others) but also circuits and systems, toxins, pathogens, misalignments, and nutrition and lifestyle are identified and addressed energetically in a similar fashion as described in The Emotion Code.  While it is true that trapped emotions are a common cause of our emotional and physical problems, there are many other unhelpful energies that may get stuck in our bodies after stressful mental, emotional or physical events.  These energies may not only create emotional challenges but may cause misalignments of body tissues thereby causing imbalances in the glands, organs, bones etc. in which they are located.

Since discovering The Body Code and exploring what it can achieve using myself, family and friends, I have come to believe that using this method can improve much of the ill health and imbalances we have created to date through our thinking and living, and can help maintain our health moving forward.

For more information I recommend this hour-long YouTube interview with Dr. Nelson which describes his path to energy healing and how The Body Code works.

Subconscious Mind

Delores Cannon was a past-life regression hypnotherapist whose QHHT (Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique) method involves taking subjects to the somnambulist DeloresCannontrance state (deepest possible) rather than the lighter state of trance used by most practitioners.  In her words “Many hypnotists will not work there, because they say ‘strange things happen there’.”  Via her clients’ regressions, Cannon has uncovered what she calls ‘lost knowledge’ of past civilizations as well as lives on other worlds.

At the end of her QHHT session Cannon would connect with the subconscious mind of the individual to query the reason behind a health issue, or would perform a body scan to report on any potential health concerns for the client. Once the person had understood the reason the health concern arose, the subconscious mind would often agree to begin the process of rebalancing the body to, as much as possible, reverse the condition.  These sessions, and the fascinating results achieved, are described in Cannon’s many books, such as her Convoluted Universe series.

 “I have found that every physical symptom, disease or malady is a message from the subconscious.”    

– Delores Cannon

Soul Contracts/Past Life Issues

One type of soul contract is the kind we make before we incarnate, in which we choose our parents, our spouse, our children for example – and they choose us.  These types of soul contracts support our soul growth.

However, there is another type of soul contract we make that may appear to serve us at the time, but ultimately can hold us back in life.  This kind of soul contract is typically put in place when we make a vow with ourselves during some impactful event or moment, and that soul contract continues to be in effect.  For example, say that you suffered through an ugly divorce so you promise yourself (with some emotion and energy behind it) that you will NEVER, EVER get married again.  Fast forward to a number of years later when you meet a wonderful new partner and begin making plans to marry.  Every time you think about the wedding and making plans, you become increasing anxious for reasons you can’t explain.  You feel happy with the concept of being married, but now you are struggling against the soul contract you unknowingly putting in place against getting married.  Soul contracts arise when we make these sorts of vehement vows, in an attempt to protect ourselves and avoid facing that pain again.  However, soul contracts continue to be in play later in life or even from past lives until we recognize and break them.