Sessions can be paid by e-Transfer or alternately via the PayPal buttons below, and can be conducted in person (Burlington, Ontario), or through Zoom, Skype or by phone.

Please refer to my Energy Healing page for more information. As with conventional medicine or any other wellness approaches, there are no guarantees. Issues sometimes resolve or greatly improve after just a few appointments. In other cases a series of sessions may be required to bring sustained progress. Note that if the issue is a chronic one that has developed over years it is only reasonable to expect that some work and time for your body to reset itself will be required. I work with the Spirit World and my intuition to bring you solutions but will also let you know if I feel you are best served by another option than what I offer. Please note that all energy techniques are meant to work in conjunction with and not replace, professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment.

Initial Wellness Assessment – $99

In this baseline session I will:

  • Call upon the best spiritual influences to be around you and working with you
  • Invoke a permanent energy barrier to provide shielding from unwanted energies (other peoples’ emotions and offensive energies)
  • Check for any lower vibrational portals in your home and close them
  • Connect with your Spirit Guides on the reason for and best approach to addressing your physical or emotional/mental wellness issue. You will be sent these findings in writing.

Upon completion of this work, we will connect for a 15 minute session to review the above and answer any questions you may have about the findings or energy work.  It is highly recommended that all clients begin with this assessment to create a strong and aligned foundation for future energy work.


As I am intuitively guided to the form(s) of energy work you require, which will typically vary from session to session, the packages offered are not specific to one technique.  During a session more than one technique may be called for, and I conclude the session when your body muscle tests that no further work should be done for the time being.  I perform the sessions alone and independently but will follow up by email to explain what was done and offer any information or impressions obtained.  As with many forms of release, you may have mild symptoms following the work but these are typically short-lived.  Often 2-3 days are suggested between sessions to allow for this processing to occur.

Soul Contracts

I use this term to refer to emphatic statements we have made to ourselves, usually in past lives, that unbeknownst to us continue to be in effect in this life, affecting our thoughts, emotions and behaviour. Many of us have been intuitive in these past lives, and were persecuted or killed by those afraid of these abilities, hence soul contracts such as “I am not safe” or “I must not speak my truth” are extremely common and may cause unexplained anxiousness or sadness. I have also seen release of past life issues shift phobia-like fears, toddler tantrums, and cognitive writing challenges!

Limiting Beliefs

Many of us hold beliefs based on our experiences in this life that hold us back from being all we can be.  As with soul contracts, common themes include not being good/good enough, feeling unsafe or being unable to stand up or speak your truth.  Whether you recognize the belief or it is buried more deeply in the subconscious, such thoughts will continue to challenge you until they are removed.  I connect with your Spirit Guides to identify your specific limiting beliefs and then to release them so that you can shift into a space of empowerment.

The Body Code

Physical and emotional troubles may have their origin in the negative emotions and thoughts that we experience and remain with us.  These various energies and other types of imbalances are detected through muscle testing and released, allowing the body to re-balance itself.  The Emotion Code (trapped emotions and heart-walls) is one aspect of, and thus is included in, the Body Code.  Typically a series of sessions are required to remove the accumulated imbalances.  You will be emailed a report of what was found and cleared during the session.

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pixabay-2064947_1280Body Scan

For this approach I connect energetically with you and Spirit, and ask to be visually guided to the problem.  Clairvoyantly (i.e., in my mind’s eye), I am shown an area of the body from which to release old, stagnant energies contributing to the issue (including Body Code energies; see below), and perform energy re-balancing.  Often I will be guided to several different areas within a session, depending on factors such as the severity of the problem, amount of energies being released, and the stage of the work.

Spells for Healing

Michael S. Djanthi’s book Healing Spells provides invocations to improve a number of common conditions such as related to accidental injury, heart disease, cancer, and metabolism to name a few.  The potential for change directly relates to the healer’s level of achievement, with over 90% of the population said to be able to harness Level One spells, but less than 1-2% being effective with Level Five spells.  I use Levels Two through Four spells, along with Ana B’Koach Kabbalistic prayer (said to contain the 42-letter name of God), to positively shift physical problems.

Subconscious Mind Connection


I connect clairaudiently (receiving the information as thoughts) with your subconscious to inquire about the origin of your health issue and to ask if the health concern may, at this time, be corrected.  If so, the subconscious will begin the process of restoring well-being to the best of its ability.  In many cases improvement occurs very gradually over weeks or months as the body naturally re-balances itself.  This type of session need only be done once for a particular issue and usually relates to issues arising in past lives.

Buy Energy Sessions


Animal Energy Session – $49

cat-1517642_640Bradley Nelson states that 90% of the physical or emotional/behavioural issues animals experience may be caused by trapped emotions.  Animals not only experience emotions themselves but also absorb energies from their owners during times of high stress.  Animals tend to have fewer trapped energies than humans and thus can typically be worked on in shorter and fewer sessions.  Body Scan and/or Body Code work may be done and you will be emailed a report of what was found and worked on.

Energy Shield – $49

This option is for those not requiring cropped-pixabay-2111344_1280physical/emotional work but wanting to be shielded from energies.  I will do the first three parts of the wellness assessment, i.e. a) call upon the best spiritual influences to be around you and working with you, b) close any lower vibrational portals in the home, and c) invoke a permanent energy barrier to provide shielding from unwanted energies.  This barrier is similar to that created when we visualize being surrounded by white light but does not wear off over time.  The shield protects from psychic attacks and interference from entities and other ‘offensive’ energies as described in the Body Code.  It also helps prevent other people from attaching cords and thus transferring their energies to you BUT will not prevent you from creating cords with your own thoughts.  This shielding is the best way I have found to protect ourselves.


Some of you will have been on a spiritual path for a while and will recognize the messages of love and support offered by our Guides.  For those who may not be familiar with such messages please note that:

  • Your Guides’ concern is assisting you with your spiritual development.
  • They will offer encouragement and little nudges in the right direction.
  • What they won’t often provide is specific instructions on your life; they want you to discover your truths and passions rather than being told and will not live your life for you.
  • What you want to hear and what you need to hear may be two different things.  Guides tell it like it is but with kindness and love.
  • In any reading your higher self will confirm to you if the message is truth.  You should weigh the information against your own intuition and gut feelings.

I will connect with Your Guides to provide their direction on:

  • specific questions you have, or
  • a particular area of your life that you identify (career, family life, life path, relationships, etc.).

Readings will be emailed to you.


In these sessions I work with you and Your Guides on your goals, such as:

  • Guiding you on your path of spiritual unfoldment
  • Helping you understand and develop your intuition
  • Teaching you how to communicate with your Spirit Guides
  • Teaching you about energy work and how to support your health