I had problems sleeping and had psychic attacks from dark entities in dreams. I was often fighting the darkness and felt soooo drained when I woke up. Sandra put an energy shield around me to prevent psychic attacks and from that moment I was free and slept like a baby. Now I often see sunlight/bright light in my dreams. She helped me so much; I am so grateful for her.”

Tammy Hering

Sandra has helped me immensely over the last few years.  I came to her wanting more connection to my guides and answers for things that were happening in my life and the direction I was taking.  She was incredible in connecting me with my guides and giving me very meaningful guidance from them.  What I love about Sandra is how much she cares about others’  developing their own confidence in connection with spirit.  She is not in this for the money and instead cares so much for her clients and what spirit wants for them.  I was not confident enough in my own intuitive guidance I was receiving, so she really coached me to write from my guides and gave me feedback as to whether I was truly connecting with them and hearing their messages.  Sandra really helped me to understand my intuitive abilities and become more confident in myself and tune into the guidance I was receiving.  This in turn helped me a lot in trusting myself in my own life and making better decisions for my special needs child, as well as helped me as a Life Coach and trusting the guidance I have been receiving about my clients.  Overall, I’m way more confident and feel so much more trust and peace in my life knowing I am being guided and also knowing that when I get stuck I can call upon Sandra to help me get more clarity and connect again with my Guides.  Thank you, Sandra….Words cannot express my gratitude for your help. Sending you lots of love and appreciation.

Afshan Tafler

It is with pleasure that I provide feedback with respect to my experiences in working with Sandra Daniels. Sandra has been working with me for the past few years. In the beginning Sandra helped me to connect with my Guides and to understand signals and messages that I was receiving. Sandra was always spot on with these messages.

A few years ago, my father passed away. He was ill in hospice care for a couple of months prior to passing. On the days that I felt I may not make it emotionally, Sandra would reassure me and let me know that she sent me healing to help me cope. During this time Sandra also sent healing to my father (and my family members to help them cope). My father had a very brave and peaceful passing in the end. I don’t quite know how I would have coped without Sandra’s calm and reassuring words. I know that her healing helped me deal with my father’s passing. Following his passing, Sandra received messages from my father and passed them on to me. It is very reassuring and comforting to receive these messages. Sandra never met my father in person. But the messages she has conveyed to me, are exactly as my father would speak.

More recently, and as my trust grew ever stronger in Sandra’s abilities, I shared with her that I often suffer from panic attacks and anxiety. Sandra started working with me only to discover that I had several trapped emotions. Over time she has worked with me to clear these trapped emotions.  Sandra has helped me to balance my emotions and I am happy to say that I very rarely have panic attacks anymore. I have no hesitation in recommending Sandra to those seeking emotional and spiritual healing. You will not be disappointed. Sandra is very professional, kind and compassionate.

Louise Hope

I worked with Sandra exclusively over email.  Her initial reading took me by surprise, primarily because of its detail and accuracy in pinpointing specific issues in my life, but also because I could sense a true connection with my Guides, which I have not always found in others.  After that initial reading, Sandra supported me through a difficult healing transformation, providing energy healing, additional messages from my Guides, and assistance with developing my own intuitive abilities.  I feel, intuitively, that Sandra has a gift that can help many people.  I am certainly glad that I followed the prompts from my Guides and gave her a chance to help guide me part way on my journey.

Brett Dunlop

Sandra did my reading through the internet.  We had never met, she just knew my name and that I wanted to learn more about my life purpose/career.  Her reading was spot-on!!  I was so amazed and excited!  She helped me to know that I’m on the right path with my life goals and reminded me not to work so hard that I lose myself (which I had been told before).  Just a short time after our reading, I was speaking to a group and someone told me in their evaluation that I’m a natural at public speaking, which is exactly the message that Sandra provided to me!  Thank you so much, Sandra, for providing this gift to others!

Ashley Barnes

The reading that I received from you was very helpful.  The information gave me much to think about.  Your advice to contact my “guides” was a surprise.  But, very valuable insight.  I have since been asking my guides for direction and my path has been more definite.  The messages don’t come like over a loud speaker, but just an idea or thought which gives me the courage needed to make important changes.

Thank you so much for your reading.  It alleviated many fears that were holding me back from change that was and still is needed.

Ilene Barr

In my first reading with Sandra, she immediately touched on several of my personality traits without any prior knowledge of who I am. I could tell she was in touch with My Guides when They referred to me by a childhood nickname she could not possibly have known. I am very grateful for the messages from My Guides that have come to me through Sandra. She has helped me become open to, and recognize, signs from My Guides. I look forward to continuing on my journey with Sandra’s help.

Jill Steele

Without knowing me or meeting me, Sandra gave me insight into aspects of my life that helped me to see areas for growth and focus.  These aspects identified by Sandra were true to me and my soul, her words I intrinsically knew but needed guidance and a gentle nudge to help me move forward in my life.  Sandra’s kind and sensitive soul obviously had contact with mine.

Adrienne R