Sandra has helped me immensely over the last few years.  I came to her wanting more connection to my guides and answers for things that were happening in my life and the direction I was taking.  She was incredible in connecting me with my guides and giving me very meaningful guidance from them.  What I love about Sandra is how much she cares about others’  developing their own confidence in connection with spirit.  She is not in this for the money and instead cares so much for her clients and what spirit wants for them.  I was not confident enough in my own intuitive guidance I was receiving, so she really coached me to write from my guides and gave me feedback as to whether I was truly connecting with them and hearing their messages.  Sandra really helped me to understand my intuitive abilities and become more confident in myself and tune into the guidance I was receiving.  This in turn helped me a lot in trusting myself in my own life and making better decisions for my special needs child, as well as helped me as a Life Coach and trusting the guidance I have been receiving about my clients.  Overall, I’m way more confident and feel so much more trust and peace in my life knowing I am being guided and also knowing that when I get stuck I can call upon Sandra to help me get more clarity and connect again with my Guides.  Thank you, Sandra….Words cannot express my gratitude for your help. Sending you lots of love and appreciation.

― Afshan Tafler