Frequently-asked Questions about Spirit Guides

Q. Who are My Guides?

A. You may be surprised to learn, as I was, that many of your Spirit Guides are actually a fractal of your own soul/spirit, which may be either incarnated in another world/dimension or on the spirit side of life.  In addition, one of your Guides (or what you perceive as one being) may actually be a group of beings or group consciousness.  And of course, family and friends who have transitioned may also be assisting you from the other side, though these are not the sort of Guides with whom I connect.

Q. Why do I have Spirit Guides?  What is their role?

A. Before we incarnate we decide on a plan for our life; experiences we wish to have to angel_light_field_83493_300x168learn and evolve spiritually.  But once in physical form we do not remember all that we understood on the other side, including what we intended for our physical life on Earth.  Spirit Guides help you to find and stay on your path by pointing you in the direction of your abilities, goals and true motivation.

This does not mean that we have only one path or that our fate is already decided – quite the opposite.  Our Guides help us discover our talents and interests, and then work with us to help us manifest the life we desire – one that fulfils us spiritually.

Q. Will My Guides tell me about the future and what will happen in areas of my life, such as relationships, career, etc.?

A. Generally speaking, no.  A reading from Your Guides is not fortune telling and does not provide specifics of exactly how your life will unfold.  One reason for this is that your life is not yet decided – it is up to you and the decisions and directions you choose to take.  Another is that Your Guides are not here to live your life for you.  You have free will and your course is yours to determine.  But Guides can bring you opportunities and illuminate courses of action that are for your highest good.

Q. Do My Guides want to communicate with me?

A. Yes!  Even if you have not yet recognized it, Your Guides have communicated with you many times.  Perhaps you felt you needed to take a course of action or offer specific words to someone (to assist them at a crucial time).  It could have been an answer you sensed to a question you had, or a feeling of comfort or reassurance at a moment when you most needed it.  Or perhaps you have heard a little voice in your head.

But do Your Guides seek more than this from you?  The unequivocal answer is Yes!  Whether you recognize Them or not, Your Guides have been with you throughout your life, loving, supporting and helping, wishing only the very best for you.  But for you to consciously recognize Them opens the door to a new partnership unlike any you have ever experienced before.

Q. Can anyone learn to understand his/her Guides?

A. Yes.  As many steps as you take towards Your Guides They will reach out to you.  They will never force themselves on you if communication is something you do not want.  But if you are willing, Your Guides will teach you and help build your ability to understand Them.

Q. What is involved in learning to communicate with one’s Guides?

A. An open mind, patience and perseverance.  Understanding Your Guides will not happen overnight; it is a step by step process that typically takes several weeks to months.  How well you apply yourself to practicing the lessons from Your Guides is key.  As you continue to strive for this ability, Your Guides will work with you to more fully open your psychic senses of clairvoyance, clairaudience, claircognizance and clairsentience.  Often one of these senses is stronger and more developed while the others take more time to unfold or be fully recognized.

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