Aging – Under Your Control?

I am excited to share with you my latest discovery in working with The Body Code.

What if the changes we associate with aging don’t have to be inevitable? What if aging is, in some cases, only a collection of imbalances accumulated from a lifetime of negative emotions and thought patterns – which can be cleared and the problem reversed?

I recently had just this experience. I have always been fortunate to have good eyesight, never wearing glasses or having vision issues even into my late forties. But a few years ago I started doing that thing older adults do…holding documents at arm’s length in order to read the type. Don’t even get me started on the size 4-5 font labels on health supplement bottles! At first it didn’t trouble me too much because it was subtle and felt inevitable so I didn’t pay much attention.

That is, until a week ago when I suddenly noticed as I stood talking to someone, that her facial features were blurry. This shocked me! Clearly my eyes had gotten considerably worse and I hadn’t even realized it. Also, my eyes seemed to be watery all the time now which contributed to the problem.

You would think, being an energy healer, that I might have caught on faster! But only when the problem got this bad, and only the day after this event did I think to check if Body Code imbalances could be behind my vision issue. You see, we accept so much ‘conventional wisdom’ from society that we are oftentimes (unwittingly) perceiving the world in a very specific and limited way. Of course I had vision problems because I had reached that age and that’s just what happens with aging…right? Well WRONG apparently.

Muscle testing said ‘yes’ – there were imbalances affecting my vision. And so I began to clear them. In the first session I corrected over 34 related imbalances, and noticed that my eyes were no longer watering and obscuring my vision. Wow, could I be on to something here??? The next day I cleared another 16+ imbalances and after the session was able to decrease the magnification setting in Word from 120% back to 100%! I have been using the Body Code daily for just over a week now, and so far have removed over 152 imbalances while my vision continues to improve.

The Body Code is really one of the most amazing discoveries I have made in my life. Other health issues I have personally used it for with success include:

  • Minor hair loss (after clearing a few related imbalances my hair stylist commented at the following appointment that I had new growth and my hair was getting thicker)
  • Stomach problems
  • Gluten intolerance
  • Bloating
  • Mild, episodic knee discomfort/stiffness
  • Lower back discomfort/stiffness
  • Upper back/shoulder discomfort
  • Heart palpitations (after seeing a doctor to rule out a more serious issue)
  • Mild allergy symptoms (itchy nose, sneezing, drippy nose)
  • Achy legs
  • Female complaints (ladies, come speak with me and I will tell you more, lol)

I wish I could tell you that a problem can be solved instantly in a single session; while this does happen on occasion usually a few sessions are needed. Why? Because you didn’t develop the problem overnight – it arose from trapping energetic imbalances repeatedly over your life in response to the stresses of living and being human.

What are those imbalances? They are the collective result of all the moments in your life when you felt an emotion strongly (Trapped Emotion), when you mentally relived an emotional event (Emotional Resonance) or when you had a negative thought (there are many kinds), the energy of which became lodged and remains with you, affecting you mentally and or physically. And what if I told you that that Body Code imbalances are the foundation of over half of peoples emotional/mental/physical challenges in life?!

It is quite a paradigm shift to realize that many health issues we seem to unwittingly create ourselves AND that we have the power to control this. Yes, we do inherit predispositions towards disease (The Body Code may release some of these), and some major diseases I believe our souls choose. But otherwise, the aches and pains you wake up with may not be from something you did yesterday but from something you thought or felt yesterday. I encourage you to pay greater attention to your own mind-body connection and to begin to take charge of your health. I will cover practical ways to do this in a future blog.