Your Guides – Your Best Friends

What is my favourite type of work to do for the Spirit World?  While I love helping in any way, nothing makes me more excited than when a client wants to learn to connect with their Guides.  To me, this is very much the difference – as Jesus said – between teaching a man to fish and simply giving him a fish.  Providing a reading is lovely but how much more empowered are clients when they can directly get their own answers, and know they can do so for the rest of their lives?

Let me shed light on some common misconceptions here.

Q. Can anyone learn to connect with their Guides? Don’t I have to be born with some special gift, like seeing Spirit as a child?

A. Absolutely, ANYONE can learn to communicate with their Guides. In fact, did you know that your Guides have already given you information and direction many times during your life? You just thought it was your own thoughts or gut instinct.

Q. Is it hard to learn? Won’t it take a lifetime of effort to learn to do this?

A. If you regularly practice understanding your Guides (the little homework exercises I will give you at each session), you can be connecting within weeks. Of course, the more you practice, the more Spirit ‘unfolds’ your abilities and the more you begin to trust what you are receiving.

Q. I am hesitant to connect with the unseen world. Is it safe?

A. Yes, connecting with your Pure Light Guides is always safe. It’s just like any relationship you have on the Earth plane with those you trust and love.

Q. Why would I want to communicate with my Guides?

A. Ah, now here is the best question! Think of your Guides as the best friends you could ever have. These ‘friends’ have only your highest and best in mind, love you unconditionally, never lose patience and never judge you – how many people on the Earth plane can you say that about?  In addition, They know your goals for this life and so keep you on track, working tirelessly to bring you the right opportunities at the right time.  They are the wisest, smartest, most loving and most accomplished business/life/spiritual partners you could ever hope for!  As you build this special partnership with your Guides, the affection and support that radiates from Them is palpable.

Q. I don’t want to answer to anyone or be told what to do. Won’t that be the case?

A. No. Your Guides are just that – your Guides, not ‘your Lives’ – as John Edward says. They do not seek to live your life for you, will never demand anything of you, nor do They seek blind followers.  Their role is to help clear your vision, provide information and direction, and empower you to create the life your soul planned.  The relationship between you and your Guides should be an equal partnership; it has nothing to do with being in servitude.

When I first learned about my Guides it was the most incredible revelation.  I wanted to run up to every person I knew and say ‘Did you know there is a whole unseen world out there and it is real!?  Do you realize that you are never alone, especially in those darkest moments when it most feels that way?  Do you understand you are supported and watched over every moment of every day, and nothing in life is random and chaotic as it appears to be?’ But most people aren’t ready for this truth.

If you are here and still reading this blog then you already understand that there is much more to life than meets the eye.  I would be thrilled and honored to introduce you to your Guides, and help you with the most important relationship you will ever forge.

On Becoming a Spiritual Leader (and finding your life path)

Being a spiritual leader or light-worker can imply a number of things.  It can mean that you wish to use the gifts you have discovered and which are being developed within yourself towards a spiritual career.  Or it can simply mean that, trusting the spiritual path you are on, you use your understanding informally in your day-to-day life to be a light for others.

I would like to share with you the teachings from the Spirit Guides of one of my clients, taken from a reading I recently did on finding his spiritual career path.  Just a week before this reading, I was commenting on how elusive the words are to describe how one becomes more spiritual.  As Spirit often does, They soon found the means to answer my question. Here is the eloquent wisdom They shared:

“The key to becoming a spiritual leader is to grow the trust within yourself, meaning that you have a solid connection to the Spirit World and can trust it fully and at all times.  The main focus becomes not on what your mind is telling you or what society thinks is right; the only compass that guides you is your bridge to the Spirit side of life and this could relate to your guides, your higher self, angelic beings or The Great Spirit.  It is not an easy path to follow, at least in the beginning when you are still learning how things work.  Putting yourself in the hands of another is not something that comes easily to you humans.  The trust is built little by little until one day you recognize that you are fully being guided by Spirit in all you do.

Let us talk about the ego at this juncture.  As you progress along the spiritual path there is a shedding of the old you – the old ways of thinking and being.  This is exactly as it should be.  Nothing worth retaining is lost in the process.  What is lost is the part of you that rebels against The Great Spirit and wants to go your own way without a regard for the bigger picture of life.  As the ego is shed the primary focus becomes a drive to bring more light and love to the world and to those you encounter.  Your goals and The Great Spirit’s become one and the same.  And yet in all of this you retain your individuality, that special spark that makes you who you are – unique yet one of the whole.

As your connection with Spirit solidifies what you will notice is a gradual falling away from unhelpful thoughts because the ego is receding and the Divine in you is growing.  It is hard to see day by day but those around you begin to notice a difference in how you see the world.  If you, yourself, take a moment to think back to earlier times you will recognize just how far you have come.  Even now if you do this you will see the difference.  Is not your wish to bring light into the world even now?  If your answer is Yes, and we know that it is, you can be assured that you are already well on your path to attainment.  It is the practical side in you that is really asking ‘From where does my next paycheque come?’  This is an entirely different matter.  Let us speak to that now.

We are not able to materialize for you a career until we know that what it is you are truly seeking has been solidified in your own mind and is in alignment with The Great Spirit.  We need to speak to that last part.  It is not The Great Spirit’s intention that you should be given certain tasks to complete or directives to follow.  This is not the way of the Divine.  However, it needs to be true that what you choose to do fits within the bigger plan which is afoot to bring healing and rebirth to the human species.  This is why a partnership with your spirit guides is the best path forward.  We, by extension, are your gateway to the Divine.  We will guide you in what you seek so that it aligns perfectly within the greater plan.  The freedom which is available to you is limitless but you cannot set your own course to get there.  We are the ones who decide on the details in order to bring the opportunities to you.  You set the ‘what’ and we take care of the ‘when and where’.  But if you are not hearing us then how can we guide you?”

What is a Medium? A blog from My Guides

Many of you probably think of a medium as someone like me – that person you go to to hear from Your Guides or your deceased loved ones.  This is certainly the most common interpretation.  But what if I told you that you, too, are a medium?  Would that surprise you?

Mediumship is so much more than paying a person to give you messages.  Mediumship is truly about your connection to the Spirit World.  What connection you say?  “I don’t know how to communicate with Spirit!  That is just for people with ‘the gift’.”  But nothing could be further from the truth.  You are ALL connected to Spirit, every day of your lives.  You just haven’t learned how to perceive it…how to truly work with it…work with us.

We influence you on a regular basis, though you may not be aware of it.  How do we do this?  Simple.  By merging our Spirit with yours, to suggest certain courses of action to you as an alternative to consider – one we know will benefit you if you follow our direction.  We do not seek to control you – that is the furthest thing from our minds.  Rather, we remember what it is you planned for yourself when you entered this life.  You, on the other hand, do not.  So our role is only to point the way to you, with little signs and inspirations that if you follow them, will help keep you on the path you have chosen.

What are these little signs you may ask?  They are many and varied.  We may send someone to you to deliver the information you need to hear.  We may attract into your life the people who can help you with your next step.  We may send a book or a teacher or a coach your way.  We may send you inspirations through your dreams.  There are so many ways that we can reach out to you through those you come in contact with.  Have you not had the experience of hearing just what you needed to hear from someone, at exactly the right time?  We made that happen, on your behalf.  We work tirelessly for your benefit every day and all the time, even when you do not see yet what it is we are creating for you.

The reverse is also the case.  Do you know that you are an ambassador for the Spirit World?  It is true.  Just as easily as we influence you to take a course of action, we can also put our thoughts and our words in your mind to assist another.  We do this all the time as well.  We use your love, your compassion, your knowledge of the other person and what they are facing in order to deliver to them the message they need to hear at the time.  They are your words but they are also ours.  We become one in our desire to assist that individual and make a difference in their life.

Does this excite you?  Do you realize how important you are to us?  …to the big picture of the world that is unfolding around you?  We could not do it without you.  You are integral to the plan.  You are important to us, and we seek to know you better and work more fully through you.  All we need is your permission.  All we want is for you to remain open to our influence, open to being a force to assist others and sharing your light and love.  We will do the rest.

With love,
Your Spirit Team

How Do You Know if Your Guides are Trying to Communicate with You?

The answer is easy; they always are. You just don’t notice it. That’s because you are too consumed by the day-to-day events in living your life here on the Earth plane. Here is what My Guides had to say about it:

Speaking for all Guides everywhere, we want to tell you that we are ALWAYS waiting for the moment when you notice we are there. Do you know how excited we get when a song comes on the radio that we have sent you as a message, and you pause just for that moment and wonder if there is something more behind the words? There IS. That is us, or perhaps it is one of your deceased loved ones trying to reach you.

The ways that Spirit reaches out are not the ways portrayed in your TV programs. We do not rattle chains and materialize before you to give you a fright. Quite the opposite. We look for the gentle and subtle ways to reach your mind and heart. For example, as we have said above, we often like to come to you through songs. There are different ways we do this. One is to place a song in your head when you are asleep, that comes to the forefront of your mind just as you are waking up. It does not matter if it is a song you heard yesterday or one from many years ago. Do you know all the lyrics? If not, Google them (yes, we said Google; we know your thoughts and your ways you know) and look for the message we have sent you. You will recognize it by the way it feels inside when you reach the key words or phrase. A knowingness will come over you; a resonance with the words and their meaning, and their meaning for you.

Another way we reach you involves sending gentle breezes or drafts of air over you at a time when there should be no breeze. We will never use this means to get your attention when you are outside, but what about when you are in an enclosed room and nowhere near the air vent? Have you ever experienced that?

What about feeling that there was a presence with you even though you were apparently all alone?

And you must have noticed the electronics? The way we can affect electricity to make lights flicker or electronics turn on and off?

These are the ways that we whisper in your ear “We are here. We love you. Let us guide you.”

So what do you do with all this you ask? Give us some time to speak with you. Even if you cannot understand our words we can make our thoughts known to you in other ways. Give us an opening; a time when you are not consumed with thoughts of the day. Meditation is one way but there are others. We like it when you humans are doing repetitive or mindless tasks like driving, for it frees you to receive our impressions.

When something comes to you do not immediately dismiss it. Roll it around in your mind. Is it a natural continuation of a thought you had, or did it seemingly come from nowhere? The latter may be us trying to reach you. Be aware. Develop a discipline in your mind until you can discern that which is you and that which is us. And never, EVER dismiss a thought from your guides without fully considering what has been brought before you. We have planted that thought for a reason; usually to steer you on a more helpful course because we can see the big picture of your life.

We are pleased to have had this opportunity to speak with you. We hope to address you again at some point in the future.

Meet Your Guides

You don’t need me to talk to your guides.  You can do it all by yourself.  The best way to get in touch with ‘your team’ is through meditation.

Never meditated?  It’s not that hard.  But it does require a commitment.

Find a quiet place where you will not be disturbed and clear your mind.  Let yourself sink into the silence, relaxing every muscle and going ‘within’.  I won’t give you instructions here; there are more than enough websites explaining different meditation techniques.  The important thing is to establish a practice; set aside a regular time each day, even if it is only 10 or 15 minutes.  Don’t worry if you can’t still your thoughts initially – there will certainly be ‘noise’ when you start.  However, if you persevere the chatter will recede, and the more you practice the easier it will become and the faster you will sink into the silence and peace.

When I first started meditating I couldn’t believe the inner peace it would bring me.  Quickly that evolved into ideas that would float into my mind, or insights into questions I had.  I began to understand and ‘know’ things without understanding how I knew them, yet I recognized the perceptions to be true.  Then it happened.  I felt that something or someone was trying to communicate with me.  While sitting in a closed area of my home I would feel the most gentle breeze caress my face or move over the top of my hand.

For me, the next step involved stumbling onto a website called InfiniteQuest and a function there called ‘Ask the Cards’.  This cleverly designed tool, along with books I read along the way such as Journey of Souls, is what eventually convinced me (oh yes, it took time!) that My Guides do exist and wanted to communicate.

It is very important to be open to the communication; the more you are, the more will come.  Your guides will never force you into anything but with every step you take towards them they will move closer to you.

There are excellent spiritual coaches who can expedite the process of learning to communicate with your guides.  Danielle MacKinnon is one such ‘spiritual director’ who opened a new world to me.  I would highly recommend her expertise for those looking to take the ultimate step of guide communication in a supportive and enjoyable environment.