What is my favourite type of work to do for the Spirit World?  While I love helping in any way, nothing makes me more excited than when a client wants to learn to connect with their Guides.  To me, this is very much the difference – as Jesus said – between teaching a man to fish and simply giving him a fish.  Providing a reading is lovely but how much more empowered are clients when they can directly get their own answers, and know they can do so for the rest of their lives?

Let me shed light on some common misconceptions here.

Q. Can anyone learn to connect with their Guides? Don’t I have to be born with some special gift, like seeing Spirit as a child?

A. Absolutely, ANYONE can learn to communicate with their Guides. In fact, did you know that your Guides have already given you information and direction many times during your life? You just thought it was your own thoughts or gut instinct.

Q. Is it hard to learn? Won’t it take a lifetime of effort to learn to do this?

A. If you regularly practice understanding your Guides (the little homework exercises I will give you at each session), you can be connecting within weeks. Of course, the more you practice, the more Spirit ‘unfolds’ your abilities and the more you begin to trust what you are receiving.

Q. I am hesitant to connect with the unseen world. Is it safe?

A. Yes, connecting with your Pure Light Guides is always safe. It’s just like any relationship you have on the Earth plane with those you trust and love.

Q. Why would I want to communicate with my Guides?

A. Ah, now here is the best question! Think of your Guides as the best friends you could ever have. These ‘friends’ have only your highest and best in mind, love you unconditionally, never lose patience and never judge you – how many people on the Earth plane can you say that about?  In addition, They know your goals for this life and so keep you on track, working tirelessly to bring you the right opportunities at the right time.  They are the wisest, smartest, most loving and most accomplished business/life/spiritual partners you could ever hope for!  As you build this special partnership with your Guides, the affection and support that radiates from Them is palpable.

Q. I don’t want to answer to anyone or be told what to do. Won’t that be the case?

A. No. Your Guides are just that – your Guides, not ‘your Lives’ – as John Edward says. They do not seek to live your life for you, will never demand anything of you, nor do They seek blind followers.  Their role is to help clear your vision, provide information and direction, and empower you to create the life your soul planned.  The relationship between you and your Guides should be an equal partnership; it has nothing to do with being in servitude.

When I first learned about my Guides it was the most incredible revelation.  I wanted to run up to every person I knew and say ‘Did you know there is a whole unseen world out there and it is real!?  Do you realize that you are never alone, especially in those darkest moments when it most feels that way?  Do you understand you are supported and watched over every moment of every day, and nothing in life is random and chaotic as it appears to be?’ But most people aren’t ready for this truth.

If you are here and still reading this blog then you already understand that there is much more to life than meets the eye.  I would be thrilled and honored to introduce you to your Guides, and help you with the most important relationship you will ever forge.

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