We told you last time we spoke with you, that we had more to tell you about what was happening on your planet.  We feel that now is the time to tell you the real story of your existence at this point in time.  We do not wish to frighten you but there are things you must know and be aware of if you are to be fully armed in the battle that is ahead of you.

The first thing you must know is that you are not alone on your planet.  This is a good thing and a not-so-good thing.  There are many species from other planets visiting your world. Some of them have come to assist mankind while others are feeding off them, energetically speaking.  Let us speak of the latter kind first.

The Greys are beings that have come to planet Earth to appease those who have sent them but their mission has changed while here.  They came on a peaceful mission to be observers mostly but have grown far too attached to your planet and wish to make it their own. But they are the least of your problems.

There is another race that has come here for the purpose of feeding off the human race on an emotional level.  You feed them constantly with your violent tendencies and emotions of a lower vibration.  They are here to keep the human species in a state of immaturity rather than to have mankind evolve to a higher vibrational level.  They feed your political system to encourage chaos and ill will and in order to gain high levels within government and the establishment.  Do not be deceived by what you see on TV; much of it is lies put forth by these beings who are furthering their own ends.

Now we give you the hopeful news.  They will not be allowed to succeed.  There are many other species in line with mankind to see that that does not happen.  They are elevating the mass consciousness in various ways in order to turn the tide to greater awareness and higher vibrational emotions.

What can you do you may ask?  It is simple.  Encourage others to expand their awareness of who they are and why they have chosen to be on planet Earth at this time.  Many of you are light-workers and planned to be part of this revolution, even if you cannot remember that at the present time.  How you shift mass consciousness is up to you.  It can be done simply by continuing to hold thoughts of love and joy, and making this your natural state.  If you want to do more, speak with others about the need for mankind to evolve and spread the word. If you are so inclined in your talents, work with others to show them the way to spiritual truths and greater inner peace.  There are all levels of assistance to be offered and all will make a difference in the long run.

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