Soulmates – A blog from My Guides

Many of you have come to us [Spirit Guides] wanting to know about soulmates. We would like to share with you some principles around finding your soulmate and what this really means for your soul development.

Before you incarnate there is a master plan set for the key points in your Earthly existence. By key points what we are referring are the major directions your life will take, including who you have chosen to share your spiritual journey as your life partner. The reason so many of you are taken by surprise regarding who this person is is because frequently it must be this way. Would you really want to know, from the moment you met the individual, that this was to be your life-long partner? There are many times that this would not work well, including if the other person does not yet recognize who you are. How heart-breaking to love another person who does yet know that they love you, on a soul level? This is why the path to uniting these two individuals cannot be hurried; it must run its course. First there is a dawning that there is something about the person that draws you in, that captures your attention. You want to know more about who they are and yet you may still not perceive that it is anything more than a passing interest. Getting to know one another – without a label being placed on it – is the best way that such a relationship can unfold.

But this is just the tip of the iceberg. There are so many other factors that influence whether it is the right time for these souls to come together. The most important of these is the level of attainment reached by each party, speaking solely in spiritual terms. It must be true that each individual has come to recognize certain truths about who they are and who they are not, and to have made peace with what it is they want out of life. This happens less frequently than you realize. Most times the people who come together are still too early on in their spiritual journey to be molding their lives to that of another individual. If you are both undergoing a significant personal transformation, now is not the time to worry about how you fit with another human being, or else how can you be truly free to become who you are becoming? This is the catch 22 of the situation. Instead, we ask you to take a step back and decide where your priorities lie. Is it with another person and making them happy, or can you put yourself first and honour the person you are becoming? Many of you are not strong enough, in the early stages of the relationship, to withstand the scrutiny and judgement of others if you have not had time yet to solidify what you believe and know to be true. So instead of continuing the transformation to become that butterfly, you instead stunt your growth by bending your will to that of another person. We do not wish to see this happen, as it benefits no one.

Another principle you should be aware of, is that not everyone will find their soulmate in this lifetime. This could be the case for a few reasons. One is that, in making that compromise in who you will live out your life with, you have foregone the opportunity to meet your true soulmate. Many make this mistake out of the fear of being alone. The other common reason soulmates do not find each other involves the need to take an opportunity as it arises; one that will take you to where your soulmate waits for you. This could be a move to another country or city but you are afraid to leave behind that which is familiar. We try to urge you to take these steps when needed, to point you on the path you had already decided long ago. This is why, if you feel strongly about a situation, even if you do not know why you feel as you do, you should honour the intuition you are receiving. It could be the difference between finding your path, and missing the boat, at least for the foreseeable future.

Finally, even if soulmates do not find each other in the time and way that they had first planned, it does not mean that circumstances cannot change to enable them to unite later in life. We love to see two souls come together, who have struggled through so much to find one another. It is a time for celebration in the Spirit World.

We hope this blog has been helpful to you.