The answer is easy; they always are. You just don’t notice it. That’s because you are too consumed by the day-to-day events in living your life here on the Earth plane. Here is what My Guides had to say about it:

Speaking for all Guides everywhere, we want to tell you that we are ALWAYS waiting for the moment when you notice we are there. Do you know how excited we get when a song comes on the radio that we have sent you as a message, and you pause just for that moment and wonder if there is something more behind the words? There IS. That is us, or perhaps it is one of your deceased loved ones trying to reach you.

The ways that Spirit reaches out are not the ways portrayed in your TV programs. We do not rattle chains and materialize before you to give you a fright. Quite the opposite. We look for the gentle and subtle ways to reach your mind and heart. For example, as we have said above, we often like to come to you through songs. There are different ways we do this. One is to place a song in your head when you are asleep, that comes to the forefront of your mind just as you are waking up. It does not matter if it is a song you heard yesterday or one from many years ago. Do you know all the lyrics? If not, Google them (yes, we said Google; we know your thoughts and your ways you know) and look for the message we have sent you. You will recognize it by the way it feels inside when you reach the key words or phrase. A knowingness will come over you; a resonance with the words and their meaning, and their meaning for you.

Another way we reach you involves sending gentle breezes or drafts of air over you at a time when there should be no breeze. We will never use this means to get your attention when you are outside, but what about when you are in an enclosed room and nowhere near the air vent? Have you ever experienced that?

What about feeling that there was a presence with you even though you were apparently all alone?

And you must have noticed the electronics? The way we can affect electricity to make lights flicker or electronics turn on and off?

These are the ways that we whisper in your ear “We are here. We love you. Let us guide you.”

So what do you do with all this you ask? Give us some time to speak with you. Even if you cannot understand our words we can make our thoughts known to you in other ways. Give us an opening; a time when you are not consumed with thoughts of the day. Meditation is one way but there are others. We like it when you humans are doing repetitive or mindless tasks like driving, for it frees you to receive our impressions.

When something comes to you do not immediately dismiss it. Roll it around in your mind. Is it a natural continuation of a thought you had, or did it seemingly come from nowhere? The latter may be us trying to reach you. Be aware. Develop a discipline in your mind until you can discern that which is you and that which is us. And never, EVER dismiss a thought from your guides without fully considering what has been brought before you. We have planted that thought for a reason; usually to steer you on a more helpful course because we can see the big picture of your life.

We are pleased to have had this opportunity to speak with you. We hope to address you again at some point in the future.

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