Ever since I began this journey I have wondered how I might simply summarize for another person how I have gotten from ‘A’ to ‘B’ these past years. How would I explain how drastically my beliefs, understanding and approach to life has shifted, in order for other people to potentially benefit from my experience?

First I need to define what ‘A’ and ‘B’ are in terms who I was and who I now am – let’s call them ‘Person A’ (the previous Sandra) and ‘Person B’ (the current Sandra).

Person A:

  • Had no awareness of the spiritual side of life and was focused on the tangible world
  • Made decisions based on reason without any understanding of intuition
  • Was task-oriented and busy accomplishing, and so was uneasy if idle too long
  • Could not seem to meditate despite several attempts because she wouldn’t wait for her mind to slow down…sound familiar?
  • Thought that life was random and scary
  • Didn’t believe there was any particular purpose to life
  • Believed in some form of Higher Power, but
  • Figured we could never really know the answers from this side of life

Then, unexpectedly, my husband passed to Spirit and in the devastation that was my life, I said to The Powers That Be:

  1. I have nothing left so if you want me, please use me, and
  2. Show me truth in EVERYTHING…about myself, about my life, about the world.

Little did I know that in that one moment I changed my entire life and destiny.  So began the most incredible transformation which I am only appreciating years later.  Fast-forward to today and let me describe Person B.

Person B

  • Endeavors to look at every aspect of life from the spiritual perspective – my own soul growth and spiritually assisting those around me
  • Makes decisions largely from intuition and Spirit guidance
  • Realizes that ‘tasks’ aren’t that important and enjoys the quiet as times to refresh her own spirit and connect with the Spirit World
  • Meditates or otherwise connects with Spirit every day
  • Recognizes that nothing happens by chance; life unfolds based on natural law and we create our own future with our choices and if we allow it, in partnership with Spirit
  • Knows that she came here for a specific purpose (so did you!) and is finally on that path
  • Feels that she has unearthed answers to the many questions of life she had before her ‘awakening’ and is now in touch with that Higher Power

If any of this appeals to/resonates with you, I encourage you to make the same commitment to learning the truth about yourself and life, and working for a higher purpose.  Where does one start you may ask?

  • Begin a regular practice of meditating or in some way consciously connecting with Spirit. Meditation brings peace, insights, and often experiences with Spirit. Going into that peaceful space regularly brings about the most amazing changes over time and is the key to your unfoldment.
  • Perform a personal self-inspection and confront your less appealing qualities and actions (Caroline Myss, in her book Entering the Castle, calls these the reptiles) in order to put them behind you. This is not an easy or uplifting process – no wonder so few people embrace the spiritual path and look truthfully at themselves!
  • Read about spiritual topics; whatever speaks to you at that particular moment in time. Reading is also a relaxing endeavor that takes you into that peaceful space.
  • Grow your self-awareness and monitor your thoughts.  Thoughts are energy and are powerful so focus on the thoughts that make you and others strong.
  • As much as possible try to remain in the moment, not the past or the future. Focus consciously on the experiences you enjoy and savour each moment.
  • Ask Spirit to bring you like-minded individuals and look for opportunities to find new friends with whom you can discuss your spiritual journey.  Meetup Groups are an excellent way to find those in your community who are interested in the same things. Spiritual conferences such as I Can Do It and Celebrate Your Life are wonderful ways to expand your horizons.
  • Build your connection to Your Guides and your intuition or higher self.  Talk to Your Guides and be open to the different ways in which They may answer you.  Ask yourself how you truly feel about a situation and feel out the answer.
  • “Life begins at the edge of your comfort zone.” As you step outside your comfort zone, amazing things happen, and you will become more confident and comfortable with the new and uncertain.
  • Allow Spirit to help you begin to see the world in new ways.

What are the other little ways you begin to change once Spirit’s influence grows in your life?

  • You become a kinder, gentler person – with yourself and others.
  • You lose the need to be critical of people and situations and make judgements about them, because you realize everyone’s journey is different and you cannot possibly understand what they have been through.
  • You become happier within yourself and others notice this and are drawn to your (spiritual) light.
  • You express your love more freely, whether it is showing those around you by doing little kindnesses for them, or even the love and care you express for your pets and other living things.
  • You gravitate to being in nature.
  • Your mind slows down and is no longer as busy – not just in meditation but all day long.
  • You flow better with the rhythm of life, meaning you adapt to changes in your plans and unexpected events.
  • You are grateful for all you have been given, and humbled by the beauty and magnitude of the spiritual plan and your place in it.

I hope you are well underway in your spiritual journey.  If not, I encourage you to take that bold step to a wonderful new you.

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