Some of you may be familiar with applied kinesiology or muscle testing, as used by many alternative practitioners to get therapeutic answers on their patients.  But did you know that there are easy methods you can learn to do muscle testing on yourself – your higher self – to get yes/no answers to questions in your life?

If you already know about muscle testing and use it for self-testing kudos to you! – read no further.  But if you haven’t stumbled on this tool yet I strongly encourage you to take a little time to find and learn a technique you are comfortable with.  To do this, simply do a Google search or refer to Dr. Bradley Nelson’s book, The Emotion Code.

The technique I found extremely easy and objective right from my first use is called the sway test.  For this, all you have to do is stand in a relaxed stance with your hands at your sides, then ask yourself a straight-forward* and clearly-worded† Yes/No question.  If the answer from your higher self is a Yes you will sway forward slightly; if the answer is No you will sway subtly backward.  You can test this by stating ‘My name is ___________’ and inserting your real name which should make you sway forward.  Then make the statement using another name and feel the sway of ‘No’.

At this point I need to explain * and †.  Straight-forward means a question directly related to you and within your control, not an outcome involving other people.  For example, you might ask ‘Is it for my highest and best that I apply for the manager opening at work’ rather than ‘Will I get the job?’ which relates to the free-will choices of a number of individuals who have not yet made those decisions.  Clearly worded means being very specific.  You might say, ‘Did the softshell crab I ate yesterday cause the rash I have on my arms today?’ rather than saying ‘Do I have a problem with seafood?’

Muscle testing is a great way to inform your choices related to understanding and improving your health and well-being.  I know people who self-test in the store to determine if a product will be a problem for or helpful to them.  Unsure about why you had a certain emotional reaction to a situation?  Do some soul-searching and muscle test.  What about a book or course you feel guided to read or take?  Why not muscle test these to back up the intuitive insight you may be getting, which will also help you learn to trust your intuition.

It’s really one of the easiest and most versatile ways to tap into your higher guidance.  How can you incorporate muscle testing to better shape your life?

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