OK, this is embarrassing.

On my last blog I told you all about the importance of meditating daily.  About setting a schedule and just doing it.  About the peace that it brings you as well as the insights and connection to your higher self and Your Guides.

Well, I am here to say that lately I have not been practising what I’ve been preaching.  I admit it – I have entirely fallen away from my meditation practice.

Oh I can come up with reasons for this.  Can’t we all?  Life is busy and that is unlikely to change anytime soon.  But no more excuses.

I see the subtle difference in myself and I don’t like it.  Without my morning meditation no longer do I start my day with that sense of peace and focus on what is truly important to me.  Without that bigger picture I can’t always remain centred when the workday gets crazy or my life is somehow turned upside down.

I haven’t been doing too badly because I have one thing working in my favour.  Since I lost my husband I am no longer that type A person who has to be busy every minute nor do I have constant thoughts and ‘noise’ in my head.  So I am leaving open a window to allow my higher self and My Guides to come through…right?

But what if that isn’t enough?  I think I may just be kidding myself and here’s why: because without a daily practice of meditation I see that I am starting to slowly creep back to my former type A personality.  It happens so subtly that it is hard at first to notice.  Yet, I am recognizing those thoughts that mislead me into taking inventory of whether I have accomplished enough in every day and every moment.  I am forgetting that the contentment of living ‘in spirit’ comes from existing in ‘the now’ of enjoying each moment and allowing life and events to flow the way they are meant to.  As Louise Hay says “I have all the time I need”.  How could I have lost sight of that?

So as much as I have enjoyed this time with you, I am going now to meditate…

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