If you have this response to the idea that there are angels and archangels you aren’t alone. In fact, that was my reaction just a couple of years ago.

Sure, I was on the spiritual path and was coming to understand about My Spirit Guides. But angels? Like those in TV programs and fairy tales??? That’s where my belief reached its limit.

I remember attending the I Can Do It Conference in Toronto in May 2012 and enjoying the many speakers covering topics like mediumship, growth of your own spirit, manifesting your dreams and the like. But when it came to Doreen Virtue’s talk on the archangels my mind dismissed the concept and I tuned out. I couldn’t even sit through the remainder of the session so I wandered out to kill time at the Hay House bookstore.

Months later I had a few encounters here and there that made me wonder if I had dismissed the concept prematurely. After all, I believe in Spirit Guides so how can I arbitrarily draw the line at angels and archangels and say that “Now that is crazy”? One development was waking up one morning to find a beautiful, several inch long white feather beside my bed. Another was actually being contacted by them – with words – the way I am with My Spirit Guides. Even my spiritual teacher had told me that I have a connection with the angelic realm and ascended masters, and though I bought the books, at the time they didn’t resonate with me.

Then just this past June I was guided to my bookshelf to pick up Sunny Dawn Johnston’s Invoking the Archangels: A Nine-Step Process to Heal Your Body, Mind and Soul that I had purchased exactly two years earlier at the Celebrate Your Life conference in Chicago. I could feel that this was the time to read the book. Sunny takes you through an intuitive exercise where you assign each of the seven archangels to a particular day of the week. Then each day you do the readings on that archangel and perform an invocation to invite that being into your day. I experienced peace and a sense of connection with Spirit from the daily exercises which was a beautiful start to my day, but I wasn’t sure I expected anything to ‘happen’ as a result.

I was wrong. I won’t share what transpired on each of the seven days but here are a few examples. On the day I invoked Archangel Uriel, who is known for illuminating situations, I had a morning of almost continuous insights into situations and individuals around me. For Archangel Michael I did the invocation and visualized the protective blue energy around me as instructed. Later on my drive to work, having already forgotten about the exercise, I suddenly saw very clearly in my mind’s eye a large blue bubble traveling directly in front of my car. Then I remembered the invocation and understood that this was a path of protection going before me. Last but not least the very personal message that Archangel Raphiel spoke to me is one I won’t soon forget.

If you feel drawn to learn more about the archangels I highly recommend reading Sunny’s book as a way to begin your own lifelong relationship with each archangel. Try not to have any particular expectations, just open yourself to possibilities and see what comes. If you are used to understanding Your Guides through words there is no reason why you cannot converse in the same way with the archangels. Or your answer could come in the form of a flash of understanding or an image in your mind. If you have not noticed a reply from Them that does not mean that They have not heard you. Spirit ALWAYS hears you.

Even if you don’t read the book, know this. The archangels are real and are always available to help us with matters big or small. But you must ASK for their assistance as They will not intercede without your invitation. Each archangel has special areas of life that They assist with but it is not necessary for you to know and remember what each is responsible for. Simply call on Them collectively for help in whatever challenge or crisis you face. You will not be disappointed.

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