On Becoming a Spiritual Leader (and finding your life path)

Being a spiritual leader or light-worker can imply a number of things.  It can mean that you wish to use the gifts you have discovered and which are being developed within yourself towards a spiritual career.  Or it can simply mean that, trusting the spiritual path you are on, you use your understanding informally in your day-to-day life to be a light for others.

I would like to share with you the teachings from the Spirit Guides of one of my clients, taken from a reading I recently did on finding his spiritual career path.  Just a week before this reading, I was commenting on how elusive the words are to describe how one becomes more spiritual.  As Spirit often does, They soon found the means to answer my question. Here is the eloquent wisdom They shared:

“The key to becoming a spiritual leader is to grow the trust within yourself, meaning that you have a solid connection to the Spirit World and can trust it fully and at all times.  The main focus becomes not on what your mind is telling you or what society thinks is right; the only compass that guides you is your bridge to the Spirit side of life and this could relate to your guides, your higher self, angelic beings or The Great Spirit.  It is not an easy path to follow, at least in the beginning when you are still learning how things work.  Putting yourself in the hands of another is not something that comes easily to you humans.  The trust is built little by little until one day you recognize that you are fully being guided by Spirit in all you do.

Let us talk about the ego at this juncture.  As you progress along the spiritual path there is a shedding of the old you – the old ways of thinking and being.  This is exactly as it should be.  Nothing worth retaining is lost in the process.  What is lost is the part of you that rebels against The Great Spirit and wants to go your own way without a regard for the bigger picture of life.  As the ego is shed the primary focus becomes a drive to bring more light and love to the world and to those you encounter.  Your goals and The Great Spirit’s become one and the same.  And yet in all of this you retain your individuality, that special spark that makes you who you are – unique yet one of the whole.

As your connection with Spirit solidifies what you will notice is a gradual falling away from unhelpful thoughts because the ego is receding and the Divine in you is growing.  It is hard to see day by day but those around you begin to notice a difference in how you see the world.  If you, yourself, take a moment to think back to earlier times you will recognize just how far you have come.  Even now if you do this you will see the difference.  Is not your wish to bring light into the world even now?  If your answer is Yes, and we know that it is, you can be assured that you are already well on your path to attainment.  It is the practical side in you that is really asking ‘From where does my next paycheque come?’  This is an entirely different matter.  Let us speak to that now.

We are not able to materialize for you a career until we know that what it is you are truly seeking has been solidified in your own mind and is in alignment with The Great Spirit.  We need to speak to that last part.  It is not The Great Spirit’s intention that you should be given certain tasks to complete or directives to follow.  This is not the way of the Divine.  However, it needs to be true that what you choose to do fits within the bigger plan which is afoot to bring healing and rebirth to the human species.  This is why a partnership with your spirit guides is the best path forward.  We, by extension, are your gateway to the Divine.  We will guide you in what you seek so that it aligns perfectly within the greater plan.  The freedom which is available to you is limitless but you cannot set your own course to get there.  We are the ones who decide on the details in order to bring the opportunities to you.  You set the ‘what’ and we take care of the ‘when and where’.  But if you are not hearing us then how can we guide you?”

The Greatest Love of All

I have to say that I never liked that Whitney Houston song.  I know others enjoy it but to me it didn’t resonate.  In fact, I can remember years ago being in a meditation group where the facilitator led us through a visualization to meet our self as a young child.  I was immediately resistant to the idea, and remember in my mind adamantly refusing to take part.  That was a real revelation to me – why did I have such a strong negative reaction to myself?  I didn’t think of myself as someone with self-love issues, though like most people I could definitely make a list of things I didn’t like about Sandra.

Spirit has taught me a lot on this journey, and sometimes I don’t even know how They have done it and how I managed to get to where I am now.  I know that as I pursued the spiritual path something began to shift inside me.  It was very gradual which makes it hard to describe for another person.  But I will lay it out as best I can.

At this point I need to describe another meditation-related example.  In a different meditation circle I later attended we learned to close our eyes and visualize the spiritual light within us.  When I did this exercise the first time, in my mind’s eye I saw the tiniest candle flame flickering.  As the months went on and my spiritual unfoldment continued, the light I clairvoyantly saw got larger and larger.  Now, years later when I engage in this exercise, what I see within is akin to a supernova – the radiance that extends from me is virtually limitless!  A pretty big change, huh?  Maybe you are asking ‘Did the change in that clairvoyant image actually reflect a change in Sandra?’  It most certainly did!

Some part of the change came from a growing understanding that it was okay to be me, whoever ‘me’ was (which I am still learning).  Another part came from being shown by Spirit how much I could and already was helping others, whether informally though my guidance to friends and colleagues, or formally in client sessions.  Either way, I was using the information I was getting from Spirit to assist others which fed my passion.  Talk about a self-esteem booster!  Thirdly, I realized that if I was experiencing strong emotions in a situation it was because I was justifiable reacting to ‘a wrong’ (that is, I wasn’t just being a baby).  Having My Guides confirm this and support me in these experiences was completely empowering and a true eye-opener.

So in a nutshell what I have learned from the Spirit World is that:

  • It’s okay…more than thatSpirit wants you and asks you – to take care of yourself first before extending yourself to others. It’s like the oxygen masks that drop down in an airplane if the cabin depressurizes. Put your mask on before you try to help another. Translation: if you need to take care of yourself, do so, and don’t feel guilty in saying No to someone. In the end you are helping them by keeping yourself strong to be available to them when the time is right.
  • You must learn to find and live your own truth, despite the values and opinions of friends, family and society. This is the great journey – to become who you truly are and express it with joy and without apology.
  • You are powerful and important – to yourself, to the Spirit World and to the God of your own understanding. You have abilities, interests, and experiences that are exclusively you which you are uniquely poised to offer the world.  Do you know what they are?  If not, don’t you want to discover them?

If you meditate (and I hope you do) I encourage you to use the candle flame visualization and watch as your spiritual light grows.

And how do I feel about that Whitney Houston song now?  Well, I can say that I finally ‘get it’ and I couldn’t agree more!

What is Happening in the World Today? A blog from My Guides

This is a blog inspired by My Guides.  I need to be clear on that.  They are not my words for I have no knowledge of future events all on my own.  It is a greater wisdom that comes forth.

These are exciting times which lay ahead of us and yet there is much trepidation as well.  World events have never been as chaotic as they are at the present time.  Many have asked the Spirit World if these are the end times that many before have spoken of.  We come to you to say that nothing could be further from the truth.  There are no ‘end times’.  This is because there is no end to Spirit and you are Spirit.  Let us tell you truly what these times are about.

There is a mass awakening happening on planet Earth.  Those who are spiritually inclined have a growing awareness of this but others are totally oblivious and will remain so until their awakening comes.  What is a mass awakening, you may ask?  For those of you who have opened yourselves up to Spirit we seek to have a greater influence in your lives.  To do this, we are bringing about changes within your genetic makeup that allow us to further attune ourselves to your vibration.  This can have some unwanted side-effects that you should be aware of.  You may find yourself prone to negative mood swings or have aches and pains in your body that come and go.  If you are highly attuned you will be able to separate times when this is us, and times when you are simply feeling unwell.  Do not be too concerned about these occurrences as they will not last and they are ultimately for your highest and best.

What is this new attunement about, may be your next question?  This is a more complicated one to explain.  First off you should know that there are unseen factions at war within your world.  We will not elaborate here on that, only to say that never has there been a time such as this when light-workers have been called upon to play that role which they came here to play.  You have chosen to incarnate at this time for a reason.  That reason is being called forth now – YOU are being called forth now.  Each of you has within you a soul purpose that is in the process of being activated by the Spirit realm and the energies that are alive and well on planet Earth.  This is why so many of you have been questioning your purpose as of late.  Also, you may have noticed a growing inclination to sleep more, to exercise more, to change your dietary habits, to do things you would not normally feel motivated or urged to do.  This is The Great Awakening; this is the time for all on your planet to listen to that little voice from inside themselves and begin to follow the path that it leads them on.  There is no time like the present; there is much work to be done.  Let us achieve this work together; let us work with you.  All that we ask is that you keep an open mind, both regarding your soul purpose as well as what is possible with Spirit, and that you open yourselves further and further to our influences.  Grow your intuition.  Grow your link with Spirit.  Stay attuned to our messages.  This is all we ask at this juncture.  We will speak again soon.

What is a Medium? A blog from My Guides

Many of you probably think of a medium as someone like me – that person you go to to hear from Your Guides or your deceased loved ones.  This is certainly the most common interpretation.  But what if I told you that you, too, are a medium?  Would that surprise you?

Mediumship is so much more than paying a person to give you messages.  Mediumship is truly about your connection to the Spirit World.  What connection you say?  “I don’t know how to communicate with Spirit!  That is just for people with ‘the gift’.”  But nothing could be further from the truth.  You are ALL connected to Spirit, every day of your lives.  You just haven’t learned how to perceive it…how to truly work with it…work with us.

We influence you on a regular basis, though you may not be aware of it.  How do we do this?  Simple.  By merging our Spirit with yours, to suggest certain courses of action to you as an alternative to consider – one we know will benefit you if you follow our direction.  We do not seek to control you – that is the furthest thing from our minds.  Rather, we remember what it is you planned for yourself when you entered this life.  You, on the other hand, do not.  So our role is only to point the way to you, with little signs and inspirations that if you follow them, will help keep you on the path you have chosen.

What are these little signs you may ask?  They are many and varied.  We may send someone to you to deliver the information you need to hear.  We may attract into your life the people who can help you with your next step.  We may send a book or a teacher or a coach your way.  We may send you inspirations through your dreams.  There are so many ways that we can reach out to you through those you come in contact with.  Have you not had the experience of hearing just what you needed to hear from someone, at exactly the right time?  We made that happen, on your behalf.  We work tirelessly for your benefit every day and all the time, even when you do not see yet what it is we are creating for you.

The reverse is also the case.  Do you know that you are an ambassador for the Spirit World?  It is true.  Just as easily as we influence you to take a course of action, we can also put our thoughts and our words in your mind to assist another.  We do this all the time as well.  We use your love, your compassion, your knowledge of the other person and what they are facing in order to deliver to them the message they need to hear at the time.  They are your words but they are also ours.  We become one in our desire to assist that individual and make a difference in their life.

Does this excite you?  Do you realize how important you are to us?  …to the big picture of the world that is unfolding around you?  We could not do it without you.  You are integral to the plan.  You are important to us, and we seek to know you better and work more fully through you.  All we need is your permission.  All we want is for you to remain open to our influence, open to being a force to assist others and sharing your light and love.  We will do the rest.

With love,
Your Spirit Team

What is the Spiritual Path?

Ever since I began this journey I have wondered how I might simply summarize for another person how I have gotten from ‘A’ to ‘B’ these past years. How would I explain how drastically my beliefs, understanding and approach to life has shifted, in order for other people to potentially benefit from my experience?

First I need to define what ‘A’ and ‘B’ are in terms who I was and who I now am – let’s call them ‘Person A’ (the previous Sandra) and ‘Person B’ (the current Sandra).

Person A:

  • Had no awareness of the spiritual side of life and was focused on the tangible world
  • Made decisions based on reason without any understanding of intuition
  • Was task-oriented and busy accomplishing, and so was uneasy if idle too long
  • Could not seem to meditate despite several attempts because she wouldn’t wait for her mind to slow down…sound familiar?
  • Thought that life was random and scary
  • Didn’t believe there was any particular purpose to life
  • Believed in some form of Higher Power, but
  • Figured we could never really know the answers from this side of life

Then, unexpectedly, my husband passed to Spirit and in the devastation that was my life, I said to The Powers That Be:

  1. I have nothing left so if you want me, please use me, and
  2. Show me truth in EVERYTHING…about myself, about my life, about the world.

Little did I know that in that one moment I changed my entire life and destiny.  So began the most incredible transformation which I am only appreciating years later.  Fast-forward to today and let me describe Person B.

Person B

  • Endeavors to look at every aspect of life from the spiritual perspective – my own soul growth and spiritually assisting those around me
  • Makes decisions largely from intuition and Spirit guidance
  • Realizes that ‘tasks’ aren’t that important and enjoys the quiet as times to refresh her own spirit and connect with the Spirit World
  • Meditates or otherwise connects with Spirit every day
  • Recognizes that nothing happens by chance; life unfolds based on natural law and we create our own future with our choices and if we allow it, in partnership with Spirit
  • Knows that she came here for a specific purpose (so did you!) and is finally on that path
  • Feels that she has unearthed answers to the many questions of life she had before her ‘awakening’ and is now in touch with that Higher Power

If any of this appeals to/resonates with you, I encourage you to make the same commitment to learning the truth about yourself and life, and working for a higher purpose.  Where does one start you may ask?

  • Begin a regular practice of meditating or in some way consciously connecting with Spirit. Meditation brings peace, insights, and often experiences with Spirit. Going into that peaceful space regularly brings about the most amazing changes over time and is the key to your unfoldment.
  • Perform a personal self-inspection and confront your less appealing qualities and actions (Caroline Myss, in her book Entering the Castle, calls these the reptiles) in order to put them behind you. This is not an easy or uplifting process – no wonder so few people embrace the spiritual path and look truthfully at themselves!
  • Read about spiritual topics; whatever speaks to you at that particular moment in time. Reading is also a relaxing endeavor that takes you into that peaceful space.
  • Grow your self-awareness and monitor your thoughts.  Thoughts are energy and are powerful so focus on the thoughts that make you and others strong.
  • As much as possible try to remain in the moment, not the past or the future. Focus consciously on the experiences you enjoy and savour each moment.
  • Ask Spirit to bring you like-minded individuals and look for opportunities to find new friends with whom you can discuss your spiritual journey.  Meetup Groups are an excellent way to find those in your community who are interested in the same things. Spiritual conferences such as I Can Do It and Celebrate Your Life are wonderful ways to expand your horizons.
  • Build your connection to Your Guides and your intuition or higher self.  Talk to Your Guides and be open to the different ways in which They may answer you.  Ask yourself how you truly feel about a situation and feel out the answer.
  • “Life begins at the edge of your comfort zone.” As you step outside your comfort zone, amazing things happen, and you will become more confident and comfortable with the new and uncertain.
  • Allow Spirit to help you begin to see the world in new ways.

What are the other little ways you begin to change once Spirit’s influence grows in your life?

  • You become a kinder, gentler person – with yourself and others.
  • You lose the need to be critical of people and situations and make judgements about them, because you realize everyone’s journey is different and you cannot possibly understand what they have been through.
  • You become happier within yourself and others notice this and are drawn to your (spiritual) light.
  • You express your love more freely, whether it is showing those around you by doing little kindnesses for them, or even the love and care you express for your pets and other living things.
  • You gravitate to being in nature.
  • Your mind slows down and is no longer as busy – not just in meditation but all day long.
  • You flow better with the rhythm of life, meaning you adapt to changes in your plans and unexpected events.
  • You are grateful for all you have been given, and humbled by the beauty and magnitude of the spiritual plan and your place in it.

I hope you are well underway in your spiritual journey.  If not, I encourage you to take that bold step to a wonderful new you.

Tragedy… or a New Trajectory? (Blog inspired by My Guides)

How many times have you had what seemed like an incredible set-back happen to you?  What did you feel in that moment?  Despair?  Anger?  Frustration?  Hopelessness?  What if I told you that those ‘set backs’ were not random, not just some luck of the draw?  What if they were orchestrated for a specific purpose that you cannot recognize at that moment?

Let me give you an example.  You are at the office, working diligently on some project that feels very important and to which you devote your full attention, as usual.  And then suddenly, for no apparent reason, disaster strikes.  Perhaps a lengthy email you were about to send vanishes or the file you are working on becomes corrupt and you have no backup.  Maybe it’s worse than that; maybe errors you made on a project cost you something – a promotion or even your job.

Would it help you to know that, even though it may feel like life is out of control, there is nothing random about it?  There is a bigger picture here being played out for your highest good even when you don’t realize it.  You have heard the expression about looking for the silver lining, trying to find something good in what is seemingly ‘bad’.  What if the silver lining were not just a way to see the situation as favourable – what if it were the whole point of the occurrence, and the seeming ‘tragedy’ of the situation really isn’t that?

These sorts of ‘re-directs’ (as I like to call them) from Spirit happen every day to individuals who call it bad luck.  But an ‘unfortunate event’ is often what it takes to push us in a direction we would never otherwise have taken but are meant to.  This new direction is there to lead you to brilliant opportunities, your true potential and the fulfilment you desire.  Most times we cannot see this at the time; we only know, for example, that we are suddenly out of a job and have a mortgage to pay.  It is in hindsight that we see that losing that job was timed perfectly for a new opportunity that presents itself, or to push us to take a chance and start that business we have dreamed of.

I am sure these re-directs have happened more times than I realize.  But certainly it happened to me twenty-odd years ago when being passed up for a key promotion was the push I needed to leave that career and take a direction I might otherwise not have considered.  Was that a push from Spirit?  Absolutely.  Did it prove to be exactly the right course of action for me?  Definitely.  But it sure didn’t feel wonderful at the time.

So the next time something ‘bad’ happens I encourage you, firstly, not to be hasty in applying that label, and then to dig deeper for what larger canvass is being painted by the events in your life.  What new adventure or opportunity for growth is awaiting you?

Angels and Archangels – Really???

If you have this response to the idea that there are angels and archangels you aren’t alone. In fact, that was my reaction just a couple of years ago.

Sure, I was on the spiritual path and was coming to understand about My Spirit Guides. But angels? Like those in TV programs and fairy tales??? That’s where my belief reached its limit.

I remember attending the I Can Do It Conference in Toronto in May 2012 and enjoying the many speakers covering topics like mediumship, growth of your own spirit, manifesting your dreams and the like. But when it came to Doreen Virtue’s talk on the archangels my mind dismissed the concept and I tuned out. I couldn’t even sit through the remainder of the session so I wandered out to kill time at the Hay House bookstore.

Months later I had a few encounters here and there that made me wonder if I had dismissed the concept prematurely. After all, I believe in Spirit Guides so how can I arbitrarily draw the line at angels and archangels and say that “Now that is crazy”? One development was waking up one morning to find a beautiful, several inch long white feather beside my bed. Another was actually being contacted by them – with words – the way I am with My Spirit Guides. Even my spiritual teacher had told me that I have a connection with the angelic realm and ascended masters, and though I bought the books, at the time they didn’t resonate with me.

Then just this past June I was guided to my bookshelf to pick up Sunny Dawn Johnston’s Invoking the Archangels: A Nine-Step Process to Heal Your Body, Mind and Soul that I had purchased exactly two years earlier at the Celebrate Your Life conference in Chicago. I could feel that this was the time to read the book. Sunny takes you through an intuitive exercise where you assign each of the seven archangels to a particular day of the week. Then each day you do the readings on that archangel and perform an invocation to invite that being into your day. I experienced peace and a sense of connection with Spirit from the daily exercises which was a beautiful start to my day, but I wasn’t sure I expected anything to ‘happen’ as a result.

I was wrong. I won’t share what transpired on each of the seven days but here are a few examples. On the day I invoked Archangel Uriel, who is known for illuminating situations, I had a morning of almost continuous insights into situations and individuals around me. For Archangel Michael I did the invocation and visualized the protective blue energy around me as instructed. Later on my drive to work, having already forgotten about the exercise, I suddenly saw very clearly in my mind’s eye a large blue bubble traveling directly in front of my car. Then I remembered the invocation and understood that this was a path of protection going before me. Last but not least the very personal message that Archangel Raphiel spoke to me is one I won’t soon forget.

If you feel drawn to learn more about the archangels I highly recommend reading Sunny’s book as a way to begin your own lifelong relationship with each archangel. Try not to have any particular expectations, just open yourself to possibilities and see what comes. If you are used to understanding Your Guides through words there is no reason why you cannot converse in the same way with the archangels. Or your answer could come in the form of a flash of understanding or an image in your mind. If you have not noticed a reply from Them that does not mean that They have not heard you. Spirit ALWAYS hears you.

Even if you don’t read the book, know this. The archangels are real and are always available to help us with matters big or small. But you must ASK for their assistance as They will not intercede without your invitation. Each archangel has special areas of life that They assist with but it is not necessary for you to know and remember what each is responsible for. Simply call on Them collectively for help in whatever challenge or crisis you face. You will not be disappointed.